The Lettering Alphabet: Hand Lettering Beginners Guide


From the moment your pen glides across the paper, your lettering and handwriting styles make bold statements. Whether you're here for personal handing writing practice or striving for beautiful hand lettering, we'll guide you through your lettering journey. Building on the stroke foundations from your previous lesson, in this blog you will learn how to write hand lettering alphabet letters with our handwriting techniques to create captivating lettering designs that stand out.

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to master:

  • How to draw letters from the hand lettering alphabet letters
  • How to draw the lowercase "a" and "h" with our beginner, easy lettering fonts

Let's Get Started

How to Hand Letter

Hand lettering goes beyond conventional handwriting to embrace the originality of lettering art. From whimsical and playful to elegant and precise, try your hand at lettering styles that resonate with you using a solid foundation for lettering. We'll start with the basics: posture, grip, and stroke formation so you can experiment with various hand lettering styles to prepare to add flair.

How to draw a lowercase “a”:

  1. Firmly hold your lettering pen and begin with an Upstroke
  2. Add an Oval next to the Upstroke
  3. Add an Underturn next to the Oval

You have now formed the first letter in the hand lettering alphabet!

How to draw a lowercase “h”

  1. Firmly hold your lettering pen and start with an Upstroke
  2. Add an Ascending Loop next to the Upstroke
  3. Add a Compound Curve next to the Ascending Loop

Now try different combinations of strokes to create more hand lettering alphabet letters. As you continue to practice, you'll witness your writing transformed into more fancy hand lettering right before your eyes.

Practice Makes Perfect

Starting as a Hand Lettering Beginner:

Hand lettering might seem daunting at first, but remember that every expert was once a beginner! Start with easy lettering fonts like our tutorial, then gradually progress to more intricate hand lettering styles when you feel ready.

Unlocking Aesthetic Handwriting:

Handwriting is often considered a reflection of one's personality. Neat and deliberate letters can convey an attention to detail, elegance, and patience. Spontaneous and free-flowing hand lettering exudes a sense of energy, dynamism, and personal expression. With hand lettering, you have the power to shape the narrative your handwriting says about you.

Is hand lettering hard? If you want to know how to improve handwriting through drawn lettering, set aside time to practice hand lettering alphabet letter fonts. Focus on consistent stroke slants, rhythm, and pressure. Gradually, you'll notice simply pretty handwriting transforming into a work of art as you choose on your favorite handwriting styles.

Tricks & Tips

Finding Inspiration:

Draw inspiration from lettering ideas sources like lettering communities or art books. Then remix creative lettering ideas that resonate with you and incorporate them into your own creations.

Sharing Your Creations:

As you progress, don't forget to share your creative lettering creations with the world! Post your lettering art on social media, online communities, or hashtag #Paper Mate for a space to connect with fellow enthusiasts and continue to get inspired!